Kannadigas don’t take Lollipops: Modi Political Top Stories 

Kannadigas don’t take Lollipops: Modi

Political parties give Lollipops for that election to a particular caste and then forget about them said, PM Narendra Modi. He was speaking to the Karnataka office bearers of the party and also the leaders here through his App. He said that caste was being used giving Lollipop and forget them after the elections.

People must think that they are just Kannadigas and vote for the development and nothing else matter he said. Dividing people by caste line and using them as a vote bank is not correct he said. He was confident that the people will vote for development and elect the BJP government here in Karnataka.

He gave all the pep talk to the contestants and urged upon them to reach out to every voter with the pride as a Kannadiga and not on caste or religion lines. The hung Assembly talk is being generated to fool the people and the people will give a clear-cut majority he opined. Karnataka is going to polls on 12th and the results will be out on 15th.

 Kannadigas don't take Lollipops: Modi

Both the BJP and also the Congress want to win the Karnataka election at any cost as it is a stepping stone for them for the coming general election in 2019.

Meanwhile, political parties from other states are financing the Congress here in Karnataka to trounce the BJP. There was a talk that Chiranjeevi and KCR from Telangana might campaign in Karnataka. But the BJP has its own strategy here they are using Yogi the CM of UP to win over the electorate.



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