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Kamala unhappy with Mahaanati script

Kamala Selvaraj the daughter of Gemini Ganesh said that her father the superstar and legend was shown as a villain which was bad and there was no truth in it. She said that her father married a lady who loved him and that was his mother and not Savitri. She also clarified that Gemini did not introduce Savitri to liquor. This is a very wrong information and depiction she opined.

Kamala reminded that a dog was left to drive them away by Savitri at her house and from then on Gemini did not go to her house. gemini is not responsible for the plight of Savithri she clarified.

Kamala indirectly clarified that Gemini did not marry Savitri.

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But the son and daughter of Savitri were very happy with the depiction of Savitri and the story of Mahanati. They had no complaints of what so ever. They said that hey had tears and thanked the director Nag Aswin for the real depiction of superstar lady actor in Mahanati.

But the soft movie is running to packed houses and getting rare reviews from time to time. Big people in the industry are facilitating the movie unit producers and also the directors.



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