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Kamal wants to change politics

Kamal Hassan the super star says ,Yes I am thinking along those lines — not out of choice, but due to compulsion! Which existing political party can provide me with a platform or an ideology that will match my reformatory goals in politics?”

“I just have to be photographed with any politician and I am supposed to be joining his party. The other day, I met Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and I was supposed to have developed a penchant for communism.

But, becoming a part of any political party is not a simple process of hopping, skipping and jumping in. A political party is about an ideology. And I don’t think my goals in politics can match the ideology of any party.”

The 62-year-old actor feels the political system in India has failed and nowhere more so than in Tamil Nadu — “The ouster of Sasikala is a solid step forward. But it’s just the beginning. I was extremely vocal about getting rid of her.

Now that it has happened, I feel a little more encouraged in my belief that the politics of the state can change. And I want to bring about that change, no matter how slowly it may be.”



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