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Kaira is a lucky girl

The first movie of Kaira Advani is a super duper hit. She is a very lucky girl and that too with superstar Mahesh. Mahesh was also craving for a hit and Koratala along with Devi Sri gave him all that he wanted.

The industry is talking about the taking of a film and no doubt Koratala is here to stay and he will get more films from NTR and also Mahesh along with mega family in the near future.

 Kaira is a lucky girl

Now more directors are coming to Mahesh to encash on his success. But Mahesh is very cautious and success will not go to his head. He is a very down to earth person and announced that he will not enter politics at any point in time.

Namratha is also happy and they have returned from a holiday before the release of Bharat and they would like to go on another holiday it is reported. But Dil Raju is after Mahesh and they will have to start the next one for Vamsi Paidipally.

There are some producers with new proposals. But Mahesh is also planning to co-produce some movies now it is learnt.

 Kaira is a lucky girl

He is not in a hurry and wants to make good and meaningful movies and not interested in experimenting anymore. Spider and number one have given him a dhakka.

But he is ready to work with the directors who have given flops also. But will not experiment on the subject. He will just entertain.



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