Kaalighat Kaali decorated with 250 KG silver

Like the Telangana CM KCR, Mamatha didi the CM from Bengal is also a god fearing person. Ever since KCR came to power he has been developing the temples all along Telangana and spending crores of money. In the same fashion, Mamatha also decided to develop the Temple of Kalimatha at Kalighat, but they are not disturbing the original structure and ambience. They will fine-tune and strengthen the existing structure and add beauty and glamour to the same.

Here at Kalighat 250 Kg silver was used to decorate the throne and also the idol of Kalimatha and this works has been going on for last several months and has been completed recently.

Now that the main work was over the beatification of the surrounding is going on. Mamatha is a great follower of Kaali maatha and the Bengalis like this temple very much. In the same fashion, KCR is taking a keen interest in developing Yadadri earlier called as the Yadagiri gutta the Tirumala of Telangana. Crores of money is being spent for the expansion of Yadari and also the beautification of the temple.



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