Kaala dog offered Rs 2 crore

People say every dog has a day. In the same fashion, a dog by name Mani who acted with Rajini for Kaala is making waves in the industry and outside.

This lucky dog looks great with Rajini and the poster where the boss is sitting Mani is the talk of the town. The dog has been getting a lot of offers for the acting ability and also looks.

Kaala dog offered Rs 2 crore

Someone has offered Rs 2 crore a whopping amount for the dog it is reported. Even stars are not getting that kind of price. Earlier Salman the superstar also offered huge price to a horse, but the owner did not agree for selling it.

Similarly, Manis owner also refused to give it to someone else. The dog has become friends with Rajini and sources say he feeds mani with a pack of biscuits on daily basis.

While people treat Rajini as a god on the sets, this dog is also getting great respect along with Thalaiava.

That is why people say every dog has a day.



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