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It was just a technical reason

Minister for irrigation Harish Rao lashed out at the CAG saying that it has given a good certificate to the BJP ruled states across the country and was trying to point out issues in the Telangana. CAG must point out the corruption in the BJP ruled states he said.

The Congress is making a mountain out of mole he criticised. If the Congress comes to the discussion over the matter it will lose hands down he opined.

The issue pointed out by CAG aginst Telangana was just a technical region and treatment of accounts he clarified. It was not a big mistake he justified.

Kiran Kumar Reddy the then chief Minister of Congress questioned if the CAG report was bible or Quran, then why should the Congress take it seriously Harish questioned. CAG once recognised that the Telangana Government was doing well in terms of financial management and now it has taken a U-turn which is very surprising he said.

CAG has shown the corrupt angle of Modi Government in Gujarat earlier he reminded. When in power Congress does not bother about CAG, but now they want a discussion on CAG.

The Congress has become a big hurdle in the process of development in Telangana he stated. The Congress may not get the role of the opposition he opined.

The Congress has no right to criticise the TRS and people are not with you he said. People want KCRs Government and that is the reason people are not coming for the Congress Bus yatra he said. The issue is just a technical reason raised by the CAG he clarified.



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