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Just grab your share

Remuneration is an outdated word for heroes these days. Heroes in Bollywood and Tollywood are opting for areas and shares.They are just grabbing the share. During the initial days when people like Nagireddy were at the helm of affairs, legends like NTR and ANR acted for monthly salaries.

Then came this daily payment for call sheets. Heroes were paid remuneration for particular movie and now is the time to take an area or share from the movie. Sharing the proceeds is the latest trend.

Earlier Chiranjeevi the megastar started this concept where he took the share from the Nizam area. Now all the top stars are doing this. Even Ameer Khan, Salman Khan are doing this and if the movie is a hit then the hero will get four times his remuneration.

If a hero is worth 10 crores as remuneration then the Nizam area will give him more than 25 crores if the movie is a hit. If it is a flop then the hero is bound to lose and the producer will have less burden of losses on that particular movie.

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More heroes are going for this method so that they get huge profits and four to five times more than the regular remuneration. Mahesh Babu is the highest money maker along with Chiranjeevi these days.

The trend of more theatres in Tollywood is also a thing of the past. The right time is the latest concept. Rangasthalma has been released strategically in a fewer number of theatres when compared to other times and they are minting money. The only thing that is to be taken care of is video piracy.

Some heroes like Mahesh Babu also have floated production houses and they are becoming co-producers and this again is to make more money in the process. Konedala productions unit is the latest example. The business model is changing in the film world and it is a win-win situation for most of them.

NTR the latest movie is being co-produced by Balakrishna along with two others. All this is to make more money. Heroes like Ravi Teja, Nani are also opting for the share in the movies.



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