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Junior -Senior NTR clash for Dasara

Director Teja said that the NTR biopic will be released for Dasara. Dasara is a big festival for the Telugu people and they watch movies on the festival day. Balakrishna is going to be there in 60 getups. Yes, 60 getups in a single movie and no one would imagine this. It is the story of legend NTR the former CM of AP and father of Balakrishna.

At the same time, Junior NTR who has started a movie with Trivikram is also gearing up for Dasara release. Director Trivikram also has given the date that the film will be for Dasara. So both Babai and Abbai are clashing for Dasara.

But will it be possible is the question. Big NTR movie is yet to begin in full form and it will be having some special effects graphics so on an so forth. One can say it could be after Dasara. Whereas Junior NTR with Trivikram has reduced his weight for the movie and it will be completed on time there need not be any doubts. After some flops, Trivikram is also relatively free and dying to give a hit.

Junior -Senior NTR clash for Dasara

There is no other big movie for Dasara so it will be the right time for Junior to go ahead with the release of the said film. The story is from Shadow writer Madhu Babu and the cine version will be written by our Trivikram for NTR.

It will have traces of comedy laced with fiction and you will see a slim and fresh NTR in this movie. While Teja is still in the process of selecting the actors, Trivikram is going ahead with full speed to reach the deadline.

These days if you meet the deadlines you can save a lot of money and it is one way of ensuring profits for the producer. Let’s hope both Trivikram and Teja will do their job for both the NTRs. One is the grandpa and the other is a grandson. The Babai and Abbai are competing for Dasara.



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