Junior NTR is short- Balaiah is no match to NTR

Chalapathi Rao the close associate and friend of senior NTR is not keeping quite these days. He is talking about women, their dressing so on and so forth. He is in the columns of social media from time to time. Now Chalapathi Rao made sensational comments in a web channel. He is entering into some controversy or the other.

chalapati rao

Chalapathi made comments on Babai and Abbai. Jr NTR: Tarak is capable of doing any role. He got trained in dances and acting since childhood. But, he isn’t tall enough to fit into roles like Ravana. It’s not fair to talk about a person and his acting caliber. I can’t object if someone comes forward to cast him as Ravana. It’s up to the audience to pass the judgement he said.


Gundamma Katha remake is not a good idea Chalapathi said.I don’t think it’s a good idea why because nobody fits into NTR’s role though ANR’s romantic angle could be managed to some extent. Classic like Ramudu-Bheemudu and Gundamma Katha shouldn’t be touched he opined.

Neither Balakrishna nor Jr NTR are the true successors of Sr NTR. Nobody could match up to that Legend – ‘Peddayanaku 10 kms varaku evaru raleru!’ he said. But the reality is that Balakrishna is the only man who can atleast attempt the roles of his father senior NTR. Junior is short no doubt he does not suit the roles of NTR.



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