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Journalist union warns Pawan Kalyan

Janasena Chief and Kushi star Pawan Kalyan was warned by the Journalist union for going against the media and dictating that the channels should be banned so on and so forth. The Union questioned if the Channels were questioning the Tollywood or mega family on the content of the films and the stories of the film.

The union members on behalf of the channel said it was not right on the part of Pawan the Jana Sena chief to lay down some restrictions on the channels and about the content. We are not interfering in the cinema and is stories and how can Pawan dictate the channels they questioned?

Pawan’s behaviour is highly objectionable they said. Are we controlling the films, how can Pawan control the channels they questioned. On the other hand, Pawan objected to the way the Srireddy contest was aired again and again. Will you promote and repeat if a Minister was abused by Srireddy Pawan questioned the media in a press meet.

Journalist union warns Pawan Kalyan

He also alleged that some channels were hand in glove with the TDP and were gunning for him, his party and family members. He said that he would approach the court of law against this conspiracy. He also blamed RGV in the process.

Pawan’s fans are going against the channels with the help of social media. Meanwhile, Ministers T Srinivas Yadava is talking to the filmi people at Annapurna studios to resolve the issue. The meeting is going on at the 7 acres it is reported.

At the same time, Pawan is just ignoring the notices given by TV9 and is also not bothered about the warning given by the Journalist Union. It looks like Pawan who suggested ladies go to the court of law is taking law into his own hands.

Journalist union warns Pawan Kalyan

Ordering for a ban on TV channels is not right. He does not have a stature of that kind.

If he wants to run a political party, this is not the right way. He must observe some restraint and lead the party from grass root level. Or else he would end up like his brother Chiranjeevi.

No one including people like Indira Gandhi could not win with media. Even Modi withdrew the strictures on media in a span of just one hour.



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