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JDS leaning towards Congress

The Congress must reach out if they don’t get enough majority the spokesperson of JDS told. The JDS also clarified that they may not align with the BJP. Most of the opinion polls indicate that the BJP would get the majority and some of them have also indicated that it could be Congress also. On the whole, the scenario is that the JDS will be the kingmaker.

In that context, the JDS leaders indicated that it is for the Congress to approach them indicating that they are ready to support the Congress.

9 exit polls showed that there could be a split verdict, with the BJP getting the majority of seats and not reaching the required magic figure.

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The BJP leaders are jubilant that they would, in fact, form the Government in Karnataka. Amit Shah the Chanakya of the party is working on strategies to clinch the power. It is reported that they have already started talks with the JDS channel.

Rahul Gandhi several times said that the JDS was the B team of the BJP and now BJP suggests Congress outreach them. Deve Gowda the senior leader said that both the Congress and the BJP ditched them several times and that he against both the parties.



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