JDS and BJP helped each other Political Top Stories 

JDS and BJP helped each other

Deve Gowda the JDS leader is confident that they have every chance to form the Government in Karnataka. But he, however, said that let us wait for the results on 17nth and then come to a conclusion. I am not prepared to accept or reject anything as of now he said.

On the other hand, Gowda told a channel which was on camera, that the BJP was working for him at Chamundeswari constituency and was confident of a win. People now say that JDS could be the B team of BJP. In Varuna JDS is supporting BJP candidate it is reported.

JDS and BJP helped each other

Like they have been helping each other across Karnataka.

May 15nth will reveal if there was any understanding between the JDS and BJP. Or will they have a fresh understanding of the near future? Will they join to come to power has to be seen.

The BJP has been working for Gowda as it has set up a dummy against Gowda it is learnt. The video has gone viral where JDS chief said that the BJP was working for them and Siddharamaia the Congress leader is after that. He said that what he said has proved right and that the BJP and JDS are hand in glove with each other.



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