Japan eggs for Gopis players

Telangana is one of the largest producers of the eggs in the country. We know that eggs are great food for the players. But Gopichand the ace coach of Badminton from Hyderabad is importing eggs from Japan for his players who have to be trained for the Olympics.That says that the eggs produced here don’t have the kind of proteins and vitamins like the eggs from Japan.

The Japan company Ise foods generate eggs as per the requirement of the players who are gearing up for the 2020 Olympics. The use of antibiotics and steroids in the poultry industry has degenerated the quality of eggs from Telangana and also India it is reported. The Japan company said that they don’t use antibiotics and in case if it is needed they will kill the hens but will not produce eggs which would create problems for the people who consume them.

Japan eggs for Gopis players

There is every need for our Indian scientists and also scientists from Telangana to come up with right kind of healthy eggs needed for the sportspersons and also the people in general. When the government is advertising for good health with eggs it is the primary duty of the health department to check if the eggs that we consume are healthy and good. What is the use if the eggs that we use results in bad health?

There are reports that most of the poultry conditions in India are not that good and there is every need for improvement in qualitative basis. The health department and the vigilance must look into this issue and certify that the eggs are good for consumption.



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