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Jagan will stop rapes says Roja

It looks like Roja wants to see Jagan as the CM of AP b hook or crook. There is a joke that if you to go the YSRC chief Jagan and ask him a ration card, he says that he would give it after becoming the CM. Someone wanted a letter to get treated for a heart ailment, Jagan prominently replied after becoming the CM. By that time the patient will die was the answer given by the relatives.

In the same fashion Roja, the MLA from YSRC is now saying that if you want to stop the rapes Jagan must become the CM.

Jagan will stop rapes says Roja

People are laughing at Roja over this solution that she suggested being a lady.

While rapes have become a major issue across the Nation and they have gone against the interest of the BJP, now a rape has gone against the government of AP and Chandrababu Naidu. A 9-year girl was raped by a senior citizen and later that man was seen hanging from a tree.

The issue was politicised by the YSRC chief Jagan and also Roja. But the comments of Roja saying that Jagan will stop the rapes after he becomes CM were not taken seriously by the people in General and they are laughing at them. We do not know when is Jagan going to be the CM and when he will do things for the people.



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