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Jagan claims BAN is his life story

Bharat Ane Nenu the movie of Prince Mahesh is creating waves and has crossed 100 crore collections. But two political parties are trying to own the movie and claim that the character was designed taking them as inspiration. One is Chandrababu Naidu the CM of AP and other the Jagan the LOP of AP.

Jagan claims BAN is his life story
Some people said that the lungi look of Mahesh Babu reminded them of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Jagan claimed that some dialogues were lifted from his meetings and that is the inspiration they have drawn from him Jagan thinks.

But Koratala said that nothing of that kind and his idea to tell people that the politicians must implement the promises made and nothing beyond that. Some others said that Galla Jaydev the Guntur MP who is the brother-in-law of Mahesh has influenced Koratala and Mahesh to give some boost in the movie for the TDP.

Jagan claims BAN is his life story But nothing of that sort appeared in the movie. It has some laces of the present political situations here and there but they don’t resemble in full to anyone.Galla, in fact, suggested Mahesh have the launch function in Vijayawada so that they would get some mileage. But Mahesh got it done in Hyderabad LB stadium where people like NTR and YSR took the oath as CMs of united AP.

Now that the BAN is a super duper hit, people think the theme is from their life so on and so forth. Koratala took the inspiration from here and there but changed it to suit the present circumstances and he succeeded in giving Mahesh a new lease of life in Tollywood.

In fact, some YSR and Krishna fans have put up hoardings depicting YSR, Jagan, Krishna and Mahesh in Dhoti. That is very interesting to see.



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