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Jagan beats Chandrababu

Jagan Mohan Reddy the YSRC chief is giving sleepless nights to Chandrababu Naidu the AP CM. He is making Babu follow him. A survey conducted by a newspaper says that Jagan is ahead of Chandrababu in popularity and power. Among the most powerful Indians Jagan ranked one step better than Chandrababu.

This clearly shows that Jagan’s popularity is growing. Jagan got 35th place Babu got the 36th place. Both are very good positions at the national level but the question here is Jagan is ahead. This cannot be digested by Chandrababu being in the CM position he is unable to compete with Jagan and is having a tough time.

It looks like Jagan is deciding the path for Babu and he has no option but o follow the same. Even some surveys are giving an edge to Jagan in the coming polls. This also irked Babu. Speaking frankly it was Jagan who forced Babu to raise the no-confidence motion in the parliament and withdraw the ministers from the NDA cabinet. This is to stop Babu from becoming a hero.

But finally, it looks like Jagan is becoming a hero in the people’s mind. If his MPs resign, then Babu has no option but to follow his suit as he did for the NCM. A leader and a tactful man like Chandrababu is forced to follow the decisions taken by Jagan this is rather unfortunate and bad time for the TDP.



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