Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP Cinema Political Top Stories 

Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP

BJP which is gunning for the head of Chandrababu Naidu is trying all the tricks to trounce TDP in the next elections.

While trying to contest on its own the BJP leaders are trying to encourage Janasena and YSRC to the maximum extent.

The way Janasena is pouncing on TDP and its leader Chandrababu shows it all. Even YSRC leader Jagan is also having a field time in criticising Chandrababu all the time.

The BJP is also trying to unite Pawan and Jagan against TDP so that votes will not get divided. But that is not going to be a reality as Pawan and Jagan are nursing the ambition of becoming the next Chief Minister of AP.

While Jagan is bogged down with cases, Pawan’s image is taking a dent with women in Tollywood making wild charges against the Mega family. A character artist said that Pawan needs Bengali girls for his message. He is already having 3 wives. People in public life must set an example not like having 3 wives and asking women to go to court for settling the casting couch issues.

Jagan and Pawan will contest separately- Advantage TDP

Jagan is attending the court every Friday that says it all. When it comes to Chandrababu, he also faced a lot of allegations but nothing was proved so far.He is ready to face the probe. His son is also facing corruption allegations.

So the multi-cornered contest between Congress, BJP, Janasena, YSRC and TDP is going to finally help the TDP with a slight margin. The minorities and the Dalits are looking at TDP as the BJP is supporting Jagan and Pawan. This will help the TDP in a better manner.

That is the reason Babu is just keeping quiet as he holds the trump card for the next elections. The communists and the Congress are in the ICU. Pawan did a mistake by aligning with Communists. He will lose in the long run. People already have come to a conclusion that Pawan is no better than Chiranjeevi in politics. They are businessmen first and politics next.

Some of them are making wild allegations that Pawan has got a package to contest elections in AP and split the votes of TDP and Kapus. His brother also faced the same allegation that YSRajasekhar Reddy finance Chiru to split the TDPP vote so that Congress wins the election.



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