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Jagan and Pawan are the same

People who are expecting a lot from Jana Sena chief will be disappointed like people who have deserted Jagan the YSRC chief in the recent times. Leaders who have seen Jagan and who are seeing Pawan are saying that both are having the same attitude of intolerance and changing in no time.

Both of them do not have proper political experience and age to take others along with them. Jaya Prakash Narayan is already unhappy with the attitude of Pawan it is reported. In the same fashion, so many good and big leaders deserted Jagan in the recent time to go back to the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu. A lot of patience and tolerance is required for the people to sail in politics and make people sail with them.

This seems to be missing with these young leaders.

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People still continue to desert Pawan and Jagan. That is the status.

Katthi Mahesh started chiding at Pawan again and Jagan is somewhat better than Pawan as he is on a padayatra and his MPs are planning resign to the parliament soon. This has put the TDP MPs in a piquant situation. It looks like people will also ask the TDP MPs to resign for the sake of special status once the YSRC MPs quit the parliament.

Now Babu is in a safe mode after withdrawing from the BJP Government. He says that it was a mistake that they joined the NDA in 2014 and had an alliance in the state for elections. But without an alliance, the TDP would have lost to YSRC and Jagan would have taken over as the CM of the state.

But despite pressures from all quarters the TDP looks safe and may come to power with slender margins. The Pawan and Jagan factors will make a dent in the margins of each other and other political parties and TDP will be safe. BJPs Ram Madhav is trying to do something in AP, but he must know that only caste factor works here.



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