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Jack Ma of Alibaba supports Zuckerberg and FB

Jack Ma the co-founder of Alibaba, suggested Mark Zuckerberg plug the loopholes in Facebook and run it more effectively. It’s time that Zucker must act and see that his criticisers mouths are shut.

Zucker must tackle the issue and he must really take it very seriously he said. He was of the opinion that the Facebook must continue with no leaks or be sharing in the data.

Jack Ma of Alibaba supports Zuckerberg and FB

The growing criticism against the FB and is boss Zuckerberg must be arrested he opined. The problem must be fixed and the Facebook must continue he opined. But the Fb shares have come down as people thought it parted with the personal data and information of the account holders.

They opined that the FB data was shared with Cambridge Analytics and that helped President Donald Trump during the elections. Several investigations are going on Fb on as to who it was handling the data.

While agreeing for the lapse, Zuckerberg said that the issue will be resolved, but it could take some time. There was some hungama about Analytica in Indian politics also that the BJP and the Congress also used the Cambridge Analytica for the recent elections.



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