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Its testing time for Balaiah Babu

Balakrishna now calls himself Basavatharaka Rama Putra after his mothers name. The film Gautami putra sathakarni has rubbed off on him like anything. Right from the day of his shooting for the movie till date he has not changed his style. He is living in the style of a king including his attire reeling out dialogues day in and day out.

Now that Khaidi 150 has been a super duper hit, Balakrishna is waiting for the outcome of his movie, Gautami Putra Sathakarni. The film is scheduled for release on12 a day after Khaidi.


The Historic film traces the life of a king who lived in the Satavahana times and a lot of effort must have been put in to ensure authenticity.“The whole process was very elaborate. Research went into everything — the kind of clothes they wore, the footwear they donned, the jewelry they used. and experts were consulted.

Hero Balaiah Babu talking about the process and his final choice of the story for his 100th film. “It wasn’t easy to make a decision about this milestone film. I scouted several scripts and listened to a lot of narrations, but I had a lot of expectations from this film and wanted it to be remarkable. That’s when Gautamiputra Satakarni unexpectedly came to me and things just fell into place,” he says.


Balakrishna is charged up about the film. “From the time this film began, I have been really happy with the way things are progressing and am proud to be a part of it. I consider it an honour,” he adds.

Recreating an era which isn’t widely known about can be challenging, but with director Krish at the helm of affairs, everything was in order. “When you have a person like Krish, who’s got a lot of clarity, guiding you, there’s no reason to worry. Balakrishna told in his interviews that he blindly followed director Krish and it went off without any hitch within 80 days.

The whole Telugu film industry is looking at this Sankranthi season as two movies of giants have released . One is adjudged a super hit and the other is ready for release. One is mass movie with a message and the other is historic connecting Telangana and Andhra.



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