Its Haleem time in Hyderabad

Ramzan Mahina is one of the auspicious months for the namazis here in Hyderabad and also for special food lovers. The first thing you hear about is Hyderabadi Haleem like Biryani. It is made of wheat and mutton pounded with spices and then treated with Ghee.
All kinds of fruits are also taken along with Biryani, Haleem and Kheer for Iftaar. Kheer is sweet. Of course Chait tea after the dinner. Dahi vada is also popular after the prayers and they are Chanaa aata bhajjis soaked in yoghurt. As it is summer lot of sharbat also with ice.
Hydarabad haleem
The first joint you remember for Haleem is Pista House. They are exporting also. Next comes the famous places near and around Charminar. Shah Ghouse is the other name popular these days for Biryani and also Haleem.
The Bawarchi joints in and around Hyderabad are also doing good business these days. The kheer is made of Sawyya or semiya in Telugu and milk with ghee topping and lot of dry fruits are added. Khajoor or dates is also added to the food of the Namajis.
People observing the holy month of Ramzan with prayers are brimming with activity. Some of them pray for 7 times a day and it is the system they follow as a true Namazi.
You can see people with skull caps and white Kurta Pyjama rushing to the masjids for the regular Namaj. This activity continues from dawn to dusk.
 The midnight shopping is also going on and we can see people shopping in the night around Charminar, for dress, perfumes,  chappal, shoe so on and so forth. Ladies are busy at Laad Baazar or the Chudi Baazar for bangles.



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