It’s Pakistan- why 15 days? Political Top Stories 

It’s Pakistan- why 15 days?

Congress party Chief Rahul Gandhi is unhappy with the gongs on in Karnataka. He said that it is time for mourn to democracy. Now he branded Karnataka as Pakistan. Only such things happen in Pakistan and not in India he opined. He was very unhappy with the way the Governor has called the single largest party first for claiming the Gaddi while the numbers were high for the Congress and JDS.
It's Pakistan- why 15 days?
At the same time, Rahul is peeved that the Governor has given them 15 days to prove the majority and all are of the opinion that there is no other way but to go for horse trading by the BJP here in Karnataka. First, they said 11 days now they are talking about 15 days which is very unfortunate the Congress leaders opined.
Is this the time being given to close the gap between 104 to 112 they questioned? They are finding fault with the attitude of the Governor and said that he should not have given such a long time. This will encourage the horse trading business they opined. Yeddyurappa the CM of Karnataka said that they would prove the majority and form the government in the stipulated time and they are ready for the same.
It's Pakistan- why 15 days?
The court was also in favour of the single majority and said that the decision will be made on Friday and till such time Yeddy will be the CM of Karnataka.  The Supreme court once reduced the time given by the Governor to Soren for proving the majority. Congress leader Chidambaram also targetted the Governor saying that 15 days time is to make the 104 to 111 easily.



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