It’s Modi again in 2019… Political Top Stories 

It’s Modi again in 2019…

A Bloomberg survey predicts Narendra Modi will be the PM in 2019. People voted him to be the next PM.

Here are some points from his biography.

Modi is genuinely very hard working. He has always given his 110% whether he was an RSS pracharak, BJP’s small party worker, Gujrat CM. And now as a PM .

It's Modi again in 2019...

He has very clear perspective. When you look around at other politicians, you see Mamta, Kejriwal, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Rahul. None of these politicians have a clear perspective on development.

Modi surrounds himself with capable ministers and bureaucrats. When he was elected as Gujrat CM in 2002 after riots, he made some bold and unpopular decisions and swiftly put aside some of the old underperforming BJP ministers. He dropped non -performing ministers like Bandaru Dattatreya.

It's Modi again in 2019...

His policies are proven. Again, Gujrat was at best a mediocre state when Modi took in charge. Modi solved the water, electricity, infrastructure problem of Gujrat.

He gives freedom to his bureaucrats, ministers. This is such a trivial thing but a rarity in Indian political scenario.

Modi has elevated India’s global image. This is pretty obvious. His posture, body language, speeches at the global stage are on par with any big leader in the world.



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