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Its frustration says Rajendra Prasad

After Allu Aravind and Suresh Babu, it is comedian Rajaendra Prasad who wants to talk to the youngsters in the film industry against drugs. The chairman of Movie Artists Association, Rajendra Prasad has made some sensational comments on the drug accused members in the film industry. He thinks they are not A grade artists and people who below A grade with no proper payments and opportunities.

Rajendra Prasad said, “As a responsible artist, I have to open up on the issue. As per the previous and present experience, we can see that no first class actor is involved. Some B and C grade artists are addicted to drugs due to their frustration at not achieving their goals”.

Its frustration says Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad doing some father roles said during his visit to Tirumala , that “ They should not opt for immoral things and I will counsel the young generation if needed.” He claimed that only B and C-Grade fellows use drugs as they have no chances in the movies, they get addicted to drugs.

It looks like Rajendra Prasad is not aware of a fact that Puri Jagannadh and Ravi Teja belongs to A grade not B or C grade. Even though he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, some netizens are firing at this former comedy King for calling some actors as Grade-C class.

Its frustration says Rajendra Prasad

A person like Rajendra Prasad who has a stature in the society shouldn’t categorize people into classes.Doing drugs by cinema people is bad as the society would follow them. Even for smoking by film stars they are putting a warning on the screen. Rajendra must know this.

But the people who are in the list are very popular and they may not take Rajendra prasad very seriously. When Suresh- Allu Aravind tried to take the things into their hands under MAA, the media brought in the names of their sons involved in drugs. Some people are of the opinion that these popular stars and directors might be in the business of drugs. They might be selling drugs are routing the drugs using ladies as side business.



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