Did Salman say yes to Deepu?

When will Deepika work with Salman Khan is a big question. Deepika is ready to work with Sallu Miya, but so far the box office king has not shown any interest for Deepu Babu. The reason is that she is close to SRK.


There are stories that Salman Bhai will not allow the SRK ladies to come close to him. Slaman is very choosy and careful in picking up his ladies and directors. People think Deepu is from a sports family, but the reality is that she is related to the legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt, whose real name was Vasanth Padukone.

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Now she will be busy promoting XXX film with Vin and the foreign star is expected to land in India any time and Deepu would be escorting him and promoting the film. The film is being dubbed in the Indian languages and will be having an international launch is reported.

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Deepu also loves sports like his father Prakash Padukone. If not with the films she would have been a sports person like her sister Anisha who is a golf champion. Deepu also is trained in Badminton with his father and has played some matches also before coming into movies.

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After some dating with Vijay Mallyas son, Deepu was with Ranbir for some time and rumors spread like anything. Now she is busy with Ranveer Kapoor in movies and also in socializing. But they did not confirm on the social front. There are stories that they would get married soon. But father Prakash says that Deepu is grown up and it for her to decide and make a decision about her life. She was also in relationship with Nihar Pandya and later ditched him for Ranbir Kapoor.

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Now she charges around 10 crore and is a very popular star across Bollywood and now even at Hollywood after working with Vin. She is getting some more offers in Hollywood and she is yet to sign them.

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