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Its Congress in Karnataka says the latest survey

With four days to go for Polls in Karnataka, the latest poll surveys have given the Congress party around 100 seats. Its advantage Congress and Rahul Gandhi the Congress party chief is a happy man. But the survey also indicated that the Lingayats formula did not work. They are not voting for the Congress in full. The anti-Congress vote is getting split and it is going to JDS and some of it to the BJP.

It could be a 50/50 kind of situation for the BJP and Congress with an edge for the Congress. Finally, it all depends on which way Deve Gowda will go. He may not go with the Congress and if he gets the CMs post then he is going to opt for the BJP. The Congress has already named JDS as team BJP.

Its Congress in Karnataka says the latest survey

Modi is in the process of baiting and cajoling the JDS. So it could be anybody’s game here in Karnataka. The RSS and VHP cadre are working day and night to ensure power here. But the ground report says that the BJP is in trouble. While Chandrababu has sent in funds for the Congress to win, the TRS is staying neutral. It does not want Congress to win as it would fuel the Congress in Telangana in the near future.

One of the Telugu CM wants Congress to win and the other does not want Congress to win here in Karnataka. The web war continues and both Yeddyurappa and Siddharamaiah have challenged each other for an open debate. For the first time, the TV channels are in no position to decide as to who would win Karnataka.



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