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Its all white says Koratala

Koratala Siva the man doing the moonwalk for his super duper success with BAN announced that the figures given are all real and not fudged. He also added that the producer paid them in white and now all the producers are maintaining real figures. Unofficial reports say that Siva got around Rs 25 crore as remuneration for BAN.

The movie is reaching around Rs 200 crore at the box office and still going strong. DVV Danaiah the producer said that the collection figures being given are real and there is no fudging of the figures. He says its transparent and people can check on it.

Its all white says Koratala

Mahesh who was sitting by his side just kept on smiling as he also received a huge remuneration for the movie. Earlier there were IT raids on Bandla Ganesh, Mahesh and others in the film industry. It happens now and then. There are people who pay taxes openly and there are stars who hide things.

But Siva the man who gave a lot of messages to the public has revealed that everything with BAN is all white and there is nothing to hide and in fact, the whole unit is proud to announce the big numbers. Mahesh being a popular star is going around for promotion with all enthusiasm as he was craving for a hit.

In fact, he is wearing handloom to promote the textiles in Telangana and says they are very good for summer. Mahesh doing this will go a long way for the weavers in Telangana.



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