Items for your skin and age… Health Top Stories 

Items for your skin and age…

Tomato you get it for Rs 20 a Kg the fresh and good ones. Just clean them and have them raw as breakfast, snack or whatever way you want.

You can make juice also and add some pepper to it. It helps your skin, your stomach and your overall health. They prevent wrinkles on your face and it is good against tanning also.

It can also be used as a face pack.

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Black chocolate is good for your heart the doctors have proved it. This also prevents early ageing of your skin. The dark ones with the majority of the cocoa content are good.

Some chocolates have high calories content and they must be taken in smaller portions with some time gap now and then.

Green tea is another option for good health and also against the ageing process. It has become a fashion also to take green tea.

It has become one of most important health drinks in the world these days. People are avoiding the milk tea almost. This also works as an anti-ageing agent.



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