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Items are must for Telugu cinema

Rangasthalam the movie has proved that item songs are here to stay. Sukumar the director and music director Devi Prasad are always for item songs. During NTR and ANRs time it was L R Eswari who used to sing item songs for Jayamalini and Jyothi Laxmi, but now Tamannah, Katrina and all the leading ladies are doing item songs for a special price.

Items are must for Telugu cinema

Of course, the price runs into crores. After Rangasthlam, it is learnt that Charan is also interested in doing the Item song again and again. With Boyapati sreenu he is doing a movie and Tamannah has been selected for the special item. Of course, the lyrics will be juicy and saucy. One thing is that it should not be vulgar and Boyapati will ensure this.

The Mehabooba-Mehabooba item song with Gabbar Singh and Halam is still remembered and sung now also. That is the intensity of item songs. Cheyya- Cheyya song is another example. The AA ante Amalapauram is the other item song on Telugu which made Allu Arjun very popular. That is also from Arya by Sukumar.

Items are must for Telugu cinema

Silk Smitha has also remembered for her items songs even now. Munni and Zandu balm songs for Salmans movies are also popular. Taking all this into consideration, Charan thought it fit to go for an item in the next with Boyapati. His father Chiranjeevi also had several item songs with his Lungi lifting scenes.

So like father, his son has also made a hit in Rangasthalam.



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