Is this the right time?

Some politicians and the intellectuals are questioning the timing of KCR about his announcement of entering into the National political arena against the giant BJP.

But most of them are pondering over as to how a third front is possible without the Congress party. Communists who have miserably lost the elections in the east have come to a conclusion that they would have won the fort if they have aligned with the Congress.

When the BJP is doing extremely well and when it is in power in more than 20 states, the TRS chief has announced for an alternative front. Is the timing right for such a move is the big question?

The so-called alternative may not become a reality at this juncture without the inclusion of Congress. The reality is that the TRS in Telangana, the TDP in AP and Mamatha in Bengal and now BJP in the east have marginalised the communists to this extent.

Is this the right time?

That is the reality. Now, what will they achieve after coming together is another question.

The communists have more or less decided to align with the Congress and KCR is thinking of an alternative with Didi and communists minus congress.

The SP,BSP and the Janata party also have realised that they must join the Congress again to improve their position. When all of them are thinking to join the Congress to fight BJP, KCR is seeking to go for a front without Congress.

In Karnataka, the JDS will get ready to join the Congress or BJP for the sake of power.

Mamata Didi is also looking at Congress under these circumstances. But KCR the Baahubali from Telangana should be having his own calculations for doing this exercise of the third front.

It will take some more time to come to a conclusion if KCR was right or wrong.

u srinivas








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