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Is Prakash Raj frustrated

It looks like Prakash Raj is a frustrated man. Last night he tried to make a big speech at Bharat ane Nenu launch function. But the fans shouted at him and they were desperate to see that the heroes Mahesh and NTR talk for them. They have come to hear them. While all others made a brief speech, Prakash Raj tried to give some reasoning and continued to talk, the fans booed him down.

He just left the venue in a huff. Suma the anchor tried to call him back, he just left the venue as the fans did not allow him. Prakash said that he liked both the heroes very much and he worked with them.

But Prakash has also has been in news for political reasons. He tried to talk against Modi the Prime Minister. He also wanted a probe in the death of a journalist. He started airing his views on the political conditions in the country. Does he have any political ambition is the question.

Recently he met KCR the Telangana CM. The other day he was also in Assembly and Pragathi Bhavan.

Talked to the CM for about two hours.

Prakash has some interest in Telangana where he owns some land is doing horticulture there. He also helps the poor in a village.

All this activity is good, but he must have some patience. The levels of tolerance must go up in him.

Going away from a function in between is not correct. Fans hungama at a function should not be taken very seriously. He must keep in mind that other guests were sitting and he walked out.

Earlier also he had some tiff with movie association people where he was banned. Then he came to terms with them and is shooting for the Telugu movies. He was miffed with DilRaju and others and later they patched up.



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