Is it the end of the Session for Roja ?

It looks like Roja the MLA is trying to bite more than that she can chew or digest. After targeting the CM of AP and his son, now she has passed remarks against the Speaker. AP Assembly is likely to serve yet another notice to RK Roja seeking her explanation for the fresh remarks that she made against Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad.

This objectionable move might keep Roja away from the Assembly for another two years . Roja earlier was suspended for an year on grounds of objectionable remarks against Speaker Kodela & CM Chandrababu Naidu. The suspension has been extended for one more year citing that she did not tender an unconditional apology.


Polling for Presidential Polls took place across the Nation . AP MLAs have reached Assembly in Amaravati for exercising their right to vote. On this occasion, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu explained to TDP MLAs about the voting process. Even Speaker Kodela attended this session and he went to the voting chamber along with TDP MLAs.

While speaking to media persons, Roja questioned, as to ‘How could Speaker behave like a TDP Member? Neither Kiran Kumar Reddy nor Suresh Reddy who served as Speakers in the past had attended Congress Legislative Party Meetings.

Kodela Siva Prasad

Though he is a Speaker, Kodela has been taking part in Official Programmes in his Constituency as an MLA. It’s up to Kodela to decide if it’s right to behave in such a manner’.

Speaker Kodela came to know about the remarks made by Roja through Secretariat Staff. Subsequently, Orders have been passed to issue notice to the YCP Leader. It is better for Roja to think twice before jumping the gun. There should be some decency and decorum for an MLA and that too making comments or passing remarks against the CM and especially the speaker.



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