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Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

It looks like Chiranjeevi the former Union Minister and the mega hero is observing a strategic silence. He is not talking politics in pen. But he is talking politics when people from the Congress and other parties are meeting him at his house in Jubilee Hills.

When a Congress leader met him recently, Chiranjeevi said that next time Rahul Gandhi will be the Prime Minister of India.Even in the Telugu states, the Congress is doing well he opined. But in public, he is not expressing any opinion on any matters. While Pawan Kalyan is bashing people left and right, Chiranjeevi is hiding and not getting exposed.

When some BJP leaders meet Chiranjeevi for some purpose, Chiru was of the opinion that the BJP and Modi were doing a good job.

Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

But he did not talk about the allegations of women who said that Vaakada Apparao the man who worked for Chirus 150 abused them and he is the man coordinating for Syraa also. Born and brought up in Tollywood it is time that Chiranjeevi speaks for the protection of women in the field.

Nagababu said that he alone is enough to set the matter right. But Charan, Arjun and others also rushed to Film Chambers office. Aravind also joined them later. But when compared to all others in mega family, Chiru commands a lot of respect from the fans and he must explain them on what action he has taken against Vaakadu Apparao the broker.

Chiru must see as to why women were getting only Rs1000 for his 150th movie which was a super duper hit. Will he correct the same of Syraa in future is the question?

Is Chiranjeevi hiding?

Instead of that, they are all beating around the bush talking about RGV and abuses hurled by Srireddy. Srireddy has gone into hiding it looks like. There are allegations that she is being used by RGV and TDP to take on Janasena and Pawan Kalyan.

But Chiru has grown in the industry and he owes a lot to the industry. He must look into the welfare of women at least.

They dont get toilet facilities when they come for shooting. Chiru must think about this and donate some mobile toilets for women in the industry.



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