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International Kite festival for girl child

The Department of Tourism proposes to organize various festivals which have huge potential and to attract both domestic and foreign tourists to the State. The International Kite Festival takes place in Hyderabad and accommodates visitors from different countries. The sky is decorated with rules of kites flown during Sankranti in Telangana, particularly at Hyderabad and in general by enthusiast kite flyers.

The kite flying tradition during Sankranti festival period is taking place for many decades in Telangana State. To revive this tradition, Government of Telangana have decided to celebrate 2″ International Kite Festival coinciding with Makar Sankranthi at Hyderabad from 12″ – 15″ January, 2017, 16″ January, 2017 at Yadagirigutta and 17″ January, 2017 at Warangal respectively.

 International Kite festival for girl child

The International Kite Festival 2017, is a festival which is committed for a social cause of raising awareness of the importance of education and empowerment of girl children and expects a footfall of around 50,000 visitors.

The festival will have participation from 17 countries having 70 International & 40 National kite flyers and a special night-flying event is scheduled On Thursday, 12th January, 2017 as a pre-festival event at People’s Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

The main 3 days of kite flying will take place on 13″, 14″ and 15″ January, 2017 at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad and aim for the festival is to “fly a kite for a girl child and colour the sky for a cause’ this Sankranti.

 International Kite festival for girl child

Further, the festival is celebrated at Yadagirigutta on 16″ January, 2017 and at Warangal on 17″ January, 2017 and the department proposes to celebrate the said festival in the entire State within a period of 5 years.



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