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In the movie with dogs

Pets these days have become more significant and lovable than the family members. Especially dogs. People are performing marriages and Kriya karma for the dogs. They have special rooms shampoos, hotels, canteens, doctors and now they are going to the movies also apart from the regular entertainment that they enjoy at home.

Pets also have special shops and swimming pools in some of the hotels. When Sridevi the superstar was acting she was given a special suite for her pet dog also.

In the movie with dogs

Now a theatre owner in Dublin has screened an animated movie for the people along with the pets. Special drinks and snacks were arranged for the pets apart from facilities during the breaks. The people were looking at the pets rather than at the movie. They were watching the reactions and actions of the dogs when they were watching the action scenes with rapt attention.

The people and pets enjoyed the movie, but the theatre owners had a tough time in cleaning the theatre after the movie it is learnt.



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