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Ilaiah must look at himself first ..

Dalit Professor Kancha Ilaiah’s book ‘Samajika Smugglurlu Komatollu’ meaning Vysyas are Social Smugglers sparked a controversy. Earlier he talked against Brahmins.

Arya Vysya Associations launched protests alleging Kancha Ilaiah’s book is unacceptable. In the book, Kancha Ilaiah wrote Vysyas used to consume Non-Veg, and rear cattle, historically. He mentioned the people of the community turned Vegetarians later.

Ilaiah must look at himself first ..

Ilaiah said other Communities dislike Vysyas and they look at them as someone who is involved only in trading and business. He even suggested Vysyas serve the nation by joining Indian Army.

Kancha Ilaiah began receiving threatening calls. He lodged a complaint at Osmania University Police Station and said Arya-Vysya Sangham should be held responsible if anything happens to him.

It is better if Ilaiah looks and mends himself first rather than criticising others and pointing out at others. He has no business to talk on the lines of caste, creed and community.



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