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I am 50 -nothing to prove

Music director Rahman believes that composers today are forced to make music that would generate revenue for film producers and that the Indian elements of music are slowly disappearing from mainstream Bollywood films.

Having won Grammys as well as Oscars, Rahman says that he doesn’t need to prove himself anymore, and as a result, he has become more “daring” in composing music. “I am 50. I have become old now,” he says.

Music director Rahman

“I love doing commercial cinema, but I want to do alternative stuff. I want to make music to stop people from going to the loo, or buying popcorn when the song is playing in a theatre. I want to engage people with my music. That’s what I want to do.”

“Composers are being asked to compose for films, half of which have been shot in Europe. They don’t get to use the Indian classical music because of that,” he says.

“Not that you can’t have Indian classical music in Romania, but then the filmmaker wants the movie to make 100 crores,” adds Rahman. “There are many such insecurities like this. And then the insecurities gang up on you, and that is not good.”



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