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Hyderabad the top paying city-Thanks to KCR

Hyderabad is one of the top paying cities in the country with an average of about Rs 7.9 lakhs per annum. Banguluru the city which is popular for IT is on the top of the list in the country for paying the highest amount of remuneration.

Banguluru is paying about 10.8 lakhs per annum on an average as per the reports of 2017. Over one lakh people and their salaries along with living standards were analysed by an agency to ascertain these levels. Pune is at the second position in payments at 10.3 lakhs. Pharma and healthcare are the two industries paying the highest amounts according to the latest trends. The pharma industry is paying around 9.6 lakh per annum it is found out.

When it comes to Hyderabad it is figuring in the list of the highest paid cities and it is around 8 lakhs. Chennai is around 8 lakhs and also Kolkatta around 7.2 lakhs and they are also in the top paying list. FMCG and Health industry is paying specialists with good salaries and they are in great demand. Most of the companies are paying around 8 to 10 lakh per annum in these cities and Hyderabad is also figuring.

Hyderabad the top paying city-Thanks to KCR

Thanks to the efforts of KCR the CM ,KTR the IT Minister who made Telangana as one the richest states. They invited industries and also IT companies with single window clearances and TS ipass made all the difference.

People from other state are also coming to Hyderabad for work and it is one of the attractive destinations in the country and also across the world. It is the most livable city with all kinds of cultures and people get all kinds of food.

Law and order and safety is the main attraction in Hyderabad. The real estate is also looking up. KCR the CM has announced a 1000 crore package for the development of old city and reservoirs are being constructed for the sake of drinking water. People are enjoying the metro ride and it will go for expansion with new routes.

Even the Government salaries have been raised after the TRS government came into power. A sweeper who is at a senior level in the GHMC with the Government is paid Rs 70000 per month and the Minimum salary of an employee is around Rs 40000/- The home guards are paid very well.



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