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Hyderabad man nails Salman

The case has been dragged for 20 years by the people who wanted to shield and save Salman. But the agency from Hyderabad has nailed Salman and it is the main reason for Salman to go to Jail.

Salmans lawyers tried to prove that the animals killed were not endangered species and they are regular and general category deer. They also argued that the animals died due to excessive eating and not killed by the gun and they did not have bullet wounds.

But the court got the scientific evidence from the CDFD agency located in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad man nails Salman

The bones of the animals were exhumed and sent to Hyderabad for scientific evidence. The man GV Rao who was working the centre for fingerprinting and diagnostics after examining the bones of the animals gave his findings that the animals were antelopes and they come under the endangered species. Now GV Rao is retired.

This evidence nailed Salman that he killed the endangered species and there was no escape to him. Some said that Salman tried to say that he just fed the antelopes with biscuits and did not shoot them. The lawyer arguing for Salman said that there was no one to say that Salman has shot them. No one has seen Salman shooting the animals.

We do not know what other stars said about the shooting of Salman that night. The fact that the deer were endangered species has nailed Salman and he could not wriggle out of it. Justice prevailed after 20 years.



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