How to test the Honey

People have doubts if the honey that we are consuming is pure. Many of the time we end up taking adulterated honey. Instead of making health we end up having health issues with the impure honey. Place a small amount of honey on your thumb and check if spills or spreads around like any other liquid.

If it does, it may not be pure. Pure honey is thick while impure honey will be runny. Pure honey sticks to the surface it is applied to and doesn’t drip away. Moreover, the taste of impure honey may linger due to the presence of added sugar.Take a teaspoon of the honey and put in a glass full of water.

     How to test the Honey

Fake or adulterated honey will dissolve in  the water while pure honey which has a more dense texture will settle right at the bottom of the glass as lumps. The same is the case with blotting paper or a white cloth. If you pour pure honey on the two, it

will not get absorbed or leave stains.  You may have not known this, but pure honey is inflammable. Although, we’ll request to you observe utmost caution while performing this test and do it at your own risk. Take a dry matchstick and dip it in honey. Strike the matchstick against the matchbox. If it lights, your honey is pure. If it doesn’t light, it

may be adulterated and may also contain some amount of moisture added while contamination. Mix a tablespoon of honey, some water and 2-3 drops of vinegar essence together. If this mixture foams up, there’s a very high chance that your honey may be adulterated.
How to test the Honey
If you heat pure honey, it will caramelise quickly and not become foamy. But, in case of impure honey it may not caramelise and become bubbly on heating. A lot of the differences between pure and adulterated honey can also be identified just with the naked eye

by examining its physical properties. Pure honey is dense and trickles only into a stream.It has a soft texture, will never separate into layers and offers a distinct sweet aroma. Raw honey, which is honey in its purest form, often leaves a slight tingling feeling or a mild burning sensation in your throat when consumed.



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