How to sleep well

Sleep is very important for a human being like good food. It leads to a healthy life. Poor sleep has a negative effect on your hormones and functioning.

Have good bright light exposure during the day and have a little blue light exposure during the night.
The sunlight exposure in the morning helps you for a good sleep in the night. The sleep rhythm of the body should not be disturbed.
How to sleep well
Stop watching TV and using mobiles 2 hours before he sleep time.

Dont take coffee or Tea late in the night. Reduce the duration of sleep in the daytime. Alcohol consumption will spoil your sleep in the night.
 How to sleep well
Good ambience, good furniture, good smell, right temperature are things that give you a good sleep. Late dinner in the night also goes against good sleep.

Late-night eating may negatively impact both sleep quality and the natural release of growth hormone and melatonin.



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