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How to reduce your BP

Like Diabetes, blood pressure is also an issue. Keeping the BP under control is a big task. What is eat is also very important these days in order to control the BP.

1. Experts from the medical fraternity have proved that taking dark chocolate to minimise the blood pressure. The intake of salt, Mirchi and other items should be reduced. No fried items and masalas should also be reduced.

2. Intake of Garlic is good for reducing the BP. It is also good for the overall health. It is good for the heart, blood circulation and other things.

3. Tomatoes which are easily available reduce the BP. They help in removing the blocks in the blood vessels. The blood travels at a faster pace in the veins with regular use of Tomato.

How to reduce your BP

4. Beetroot and Radish are also very good for reducing the BP. Regular intake of these two vegetables will add to the BP control of your body.

5. Water is also the main component where you keep the body hydrated and this helps in reduction of the BP.

6. Bananas are also very good for reducing the BP. The potassium content in the Bananas keeps the BP in control.

7. Regular exercising is also a must not only for the reduction of BP and stress and it helps to keep the overall health intact.



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