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Hits flops don’t matter

Balakrishna is one hero who does not take hits and flops to his mind. He repeats the directors who have given him average and flop movies also.

The latest is that he has given dates to Puri Jagannath after Paisa Vasool. Paisa Vasool was an average hit for Balaiah.

 Hits flops don't matter

Boyapati gave Legend and Balaiah is repeating him. KS Ravikumar also gave an average hit Jayasimha and Balaiah is repeating him. This time Ravikumar is making Balaiah act as an underworld don.

There are so many movies for Balaiah at this age and producers are just waiting for his nod. That is his Charisma and hit and flops dont matter. His commitment is hundred percent and most of the movies are hits and producers never lose money.

Now Balaiah is busy with a prestigious project called NTR. It matters very much to the Telugu electorate. This can mould the public opinion in Andhra for the next election. So Balaiah is taking a lot of interest in the project. Teja is directing the movie.



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