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Hit and run case haunts Salman

It seems like Salman Khan is in for trouble again. The latest is that a Mumbai court has cancelled the bailable warrant against Bollywood superstar Salman in the 2002 hit and run case.

Salman was fighting the black buck case where he said he has fed some biscuits to the deer and he was out on bail.While all others in the case were let out, the case against Salman is not complete. Earlier in this hit and run case also Salaman got the bail. He was out for the benefit of the doubt. Salmans lawyer argued that he was not in the driving seat.

Hit and run case haunts Salman

The government appeal against Salman is pending before the Supreme court. Salman said that everyone has a past and it does not make you a bad person for your lifetime.

He explained that if he was not popular he would not have faced the district court to Supreme court. As he is becoming more popular he has to move to the bigger courts. He says its all nautanki and that because he was popular he has to face all these hardships.

One has to see what turns and twists will take place in the final verdict on Salman.



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