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Hit Modi with unity suggests Digvijay

Narendra Modi is a person who divides people and rules them said Digvijay Singh the senior Congress leader. He is back from Narmada yatra is getting ready for Madhya Pradesh Yatra at the age of 70. With a second marriage, he is able to stay active and is of the opinion that Congress must have a guiding force or advisory committee like the BJP to strategise for the future.

Digvijay says there is no retirement in politics and he is ready to take any responsibility that Rahul the young man gives him. There is no untouchability in politics, the Congress must align with all like-minded parties who are opposing Modi he suggested. To take on Modi the Congress must unite all others and give a tough fight he suggested.

Hit Modi with unity suggests Digvijay

He cited the example of Akhilesh and Mayawati winning the MP seats in UP. More of such things must happen he said. The coalition politics will help the Congress in the long run he explained. The old leaves must fall and the young leaves must come he said. Rahul must come up with a young team and must keep taking the advice of seniors he opined.

Some people say Digvijay has mellowed down a bit after the second marriage to a journalist. But in reality, he is ready to make more yatras and work as a think tank for the Congress party.

Let’s hope Rahul will take Digivijay into confidence.



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