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Heroines are bed ready?

The wife of a producer who is a costume designer alleged that some heroines are bed ready and would chase the producers all the time wrecking other families.

She is the wife of Producer Gnanavel Raja called Neha. Neha’s husband is popular and has produced Singam 3 recently. Neha did not end up here and called the leading ladies as worst than the prostitutes. The statement is bold and controversial. Not all the ladies in the industry are bad.

Heroines are bed ready?

Neha went on tweeting that the heroines were home wreckers and chasing the producers for roles and behaving like prostitutes. She also said that some ladies in the industry were chasing married men and producers and were bed ready.

But this did not go well in the industry. People started abusing her husband Raja for the accusations made by Neha. Then she had to tweet several clarifications over the matter.

But the damage was already done. Some others said that these things should not be generalised and that Neha has come out in open.



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