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Harish in an open top Jeep

Harish Rao the Minister for Irrigation travelled in an open top Jeep along with his followers and examined the development works. Earlier he used a bullet and cleared the traffic jams. Now on the Mayday, he was seen driving a red jeep and inspecting the ongoing development works across length and breadth of his constituency.

It looked as if he was campaigning for the elections. He took the Municipal officials along with him and have shown the delay in the ongoing development works. He suggested them to speed up the works and meet the deadlines. The sun heat was severe but he travelled without any top over the jeep. Earlier early in the morning he travelled the length and breadth of agriculture fields and talked to the farmers about the ongoing irrigation works.

People followed him in some places and made some demands for which readily agreed to be completed. Harish popularity in his constituency is growing by the day and he will hands down at Siddipet. But he still continues to work hard for the development of the area.

Harish in an open top Jeep
Perhaps this is the first time that a Minister is driving in a jeep and examining the works on his own with the officials being taken along with him the in the jeep. This is one way of fixing the responsibility on the officials.

The people liked his system and greeted him along the way. They were satisfied with the works being taken up in the constituency. Some of them followed him on the bikes.

Harish in an open top Jeep



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