Hardik and love CD

Local channels in Gujarat broadcast what was described as a “love CD” of Hardik Patel , who is 24, and has pledged to help take down the BJP in next month’s election in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state.

The footage of a man resembling Hardik Patel, seen with an unidentified woman, appears to have been filmed on a hidden camera in a hotel room and has a time-stamp of May this year.

Hardik and love CD

Hardik Patel has pegged the video as a “dirty trick” of the BJP; about a week ago, he had forecast that a video of him making love would be circulated to damage his reputation as Gujarat approaches its voting dates of December 9 and 14.

Hardik Patel has nothing to be ashamed of, said young Gujarat politician Jignesh Mevani as he tweeted, “Right to sex is a fundamental right. No one has right to breach your privacy.”



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