Hakim Aalim for Mahesh Babu 25

Mahesh Babu is taking his 25th movie seriously as his earlier movie BAN was a super duper hit. BAN get up was different and it was easy. Here for the 25th it has been a class and mass look so Mahesh while returning from his holiday has dropped for a while in Mumbai. He had a sitting with popular star hairstylist Hakim Aalim.

After doing some correction and sizing, shaping of the beard, Mahesh has fixed the look and wore a cap that the hairstyle will not get exposed to the media. He wants to reveal it in the movie only. His beard look is for the student phase where he doing an MBA student. Mahesh would be shooting the student phase in an engineering college on the outskirts of Hyderabad it is reported.

 Hakim Aalim

Meanwhile, Ashwini Dutt and Dilraju are also pooling up best of the talent for Vamsipaidipally and budget is unlimited for the movie as both of them are big producers. Vamsi will show us the rough look of Mahesh and will be away from the milky boy attitude for this 25th. People say that it could be an inspiration from an English movie.

There are chances that after MBA look Mahesh may go in for some other hairstyle with Just mush and no beard. On the whole, a new Mahesh would be showcased for the audience.



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